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Graduate Student Loan Debt

Graduate student loan debt accounts for 39% of all student  loan debt, though graduate school enrollment is 14% of overall college student enrollment. Well, grad school is more expensive.  Way more expensive than most undergraduate programs. Graduate students now collectively owe as much as 40 percent of the estimated $1.2 trillion in outstanding student debt, according… Continue Reading

Lying Student Loan Debt Collectors

Oh, no!  A debt collector lying!    Yes.  Student loan debt servicers are behaving like mortgage loan servicers, according to a CFPB (Consumer Finance Protection Bureau) The Story by Eric Reed discloses some of the ways the student loan servicers are screwing the student loan borrowers. Virtually all student loan borrowers have multiple loans. Though,… Continue Reading

Student Loan Debt Collectors

Student Loan debt collectors ARE bound by the    Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, just like when debt collectors are pursuing any other kind of debt. Now, as a rule, I favor private over government, for virtually any activity. Years ago, the federal government decided private companies could do a better job collecting student loan debt… Continue Reading

Student Loan Collection Harassment

Not even pancreatic cancer is accepted by at least one student loan collector, ECMC, as grounds for discharge of student loan debt in bankruptcy. Natalie Kitroeff writes in the New York Times: Before she became ill, Ms. Jorgensen took out $43,000 in student loans. As her payments piled up along with medical bills, she took the unusual… Continue Reading

Student Loan Crisis Continues

The Obamacare debacle and Duck Dynasty debate dominate the news.  Meanwhile, student loan debt creeps higher and that crisis continues under the radar. (how many graduate degrees does the fellow in the photo have?) How Bad Is Student Loan Debt? From the Minding The Campus web site: The total student-loan debt hit $1 trillion dollars… Continue Reading

Bad Student Loan Decisions?

Forgiving student loans won’t help students, says Peter Morici, an economist AND college professor.   What the program fails to account for is that debt forgiveness simply encourages young people and parents to make poor choices, including borrowing too much. It will also embolden colleges to keep pushing up tuition—things the nation can’t afford. It… Continue Reading

Student Loans – Get A Grip!

  Get a grip on your student loans – 5 Ways to help you It’s no surprise that with rising levels of student loan debt, along with the delinquencies and defaults involved, one of the most pertinent questions happens to be the right ways to make student loan debt manageable. The problem mainly lies in… Continue Reading

Beware Student Loan Scams!!!

As the student loan crisis worsens, more of these guys pop up, on the web, talking a good game, getting your confidence, hence:  “con man,” and then, your bucks in his pocket. Don’t be a Michigan student loan scam victim. The National Consumer Law Center does great work for consumers, and recently studied this phenomenon.… Continue Reading