Get Control of Your Student Loans


Now, out of college for, 3 months, 12 months, years, still living at home because that better paying job just did not materialize, or, the school lured you in with false promises, like some of my clients, the picture is more dismal.

And you can’t just file bankruptcy on student loans.

I just returned from an intensive all day workshop in Connecticut with the guru of student loan law, Joshua Cohen. Man, this stuff is a maze!

I have dealt with student loans for clients in bankruptcy court, doing what I do, filing lawsuits against the bad guys for the good guys. But that is a big drawback, having to file a lawsuit, and prove it would be an “undue hardship” for you to ever have to repay the loans. Now, I am learning there are other ways, quite a few, in fact, to get control of government student loans, which means, getting control of your life again.

Having a way out.

It may take a long time, many years, to finish with them entirely, but there are ways to get into an affordable plan, now, for many of my
former clients.

So, just letting you know I am serious about helping people find a solution to these overwhelming problems. If you, or someone you know, could use some help with student loans, contact me.

I have offices throughout Michigan.

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