Navient & Student Loan News

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Navient, formerly Sallie Mae, still on a  losing streak. Navient Shahien Nasiripour writes frequently for Bloomberg on student loan issues. So there is lots of material. Navient Corp. lost out on a lucrative government contract to collect on defaulted federal student loans… Continue Reading

Student Loans And Politics

Bernie Sanders wanted free college for everyone. Well, somebody would be paying, just, not the students. The Obama administration does not like for profit colleges, among other for-profit entities it dislikes. New rules are supposed to make it easier to get rid of student loans incurred to attend fraudulent colleges/programs. President elect Trump, a big… Continue Reading

What Is Undue Hardship?

Most courts apply the Brunner test to determine whether student loan debts are dischargeable in bankruptcy. The bankruptcy code provides that student loan debt is NOT dischargeable in bankruptcy unless the debtor can prove it would be an undue hardship for the debtor to have to repay the student loan debt. So, it would be an undue… Continue Reading

Where Do Student Loans Get You?

Couple of student loan stories out today that caught my eye. College Cost Too Much Uh, yeah.  Lots have written about how the flood of student loans from the government the last decade plus has pushed college costs up way higher then the inflation rate. We spent 3% of our national output on, which is… Continue Reading

Student Loan Stuff

Well, let’s start with another measure about how bad the Student Loan situation is. Credit Sesame, a credit and loan management company, took a look at the places where the median annual income for those with a bachelor’s degree or higher is less than the average student loan balance. In short, places where graduates owe more than… Continue Reading

Student Loans In Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy  is a payment plan bankruptcy for individuals. Not necessarily a 100% payment plan. Student Loans In Chapter 13 Bankruptcy In Chapter 13, creditors in the same class must be treated, that is, paid, the same percentage of its claim. Although, just as in Chapter 7 bankruptcy, student loan debt is NOT dischargeable unless… Continue Reading

Student Loan News

Well, I wrote something good about a student loan servicer last week, but, Student Loan News this week reverts to form. Student Loan News:  Wells Fargo fesses up Sort of. As part of a deal announced Monday, the San Francisco banking giant did not admit or deny wrongdoing but agreed to pay a $3.6-million penalty to the Consumer… Continue Reading