Student Loans In Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Chapter 13 bankruptcy  is a payment plan bankruptcy for individuals. Not necessarily a 100% payment plan. Student Loans In Chapter 13 Bankruptcy In Chapter 13, creditors in the same class must be treated, that is, paid, the same percentage of its… Continue Reading

Student Loan News

Well, I wrote something good about a student loan servicer last week, but, Student Loan News this week reverts to form. Student Loan News:  Wells Fargo fesses up Sort of. As part of a deal announced Monday, the San Francisco banking giant did not admit or deny wrongdoing but agreed to pay a $3.6-million penalty to the Consumer… Continue Reading

Student Loan Update

I collect links to student loan stories every day, then I look through the student loan update file for the news across the nation for topics to post on this blog. The student loan stories just keep piling up. Student Loan Update: Servicers Nothing new here, another servicer concealing the best student loan repayment plans… Continue Reading

Student Loan Servicers & Smorgasbord

Student loan news all over the place this week, including some new stuff on Student Loan Servicers. Yes, election year. What about that Libertarian candidate? Eliminate the Department of Education? That is one of Mr. Johnson’s proposals, though a few Republican candidates have tossed that one out before. He shares my views on student loans driving… Continue Reading

Student Loan Update

Like most of my Student Loan updates, more of the same. More student loan horror stories. More inadequate government responses. Why Not Just Forgive All Student Loans? It works for millennials. Hey, who does not want a free lunch, let alone free college? Not all student loan borrowers were created equal. Some of those with… Continue Reading

Student Loan Apocalypse

Great info on Student Loan Apocalypse on the mybudget360 website.   OK, they call it Student Debt Apocalypse. So I googled Student Loan Apocalypse, and, there are multiple entries going back two and three years. Student Loan Apocalypse:  Crying Wolf? I think not. From the mybudget360 site: Student debt apocalypse: Median wages up 1.6% over last 25… Continue Reading

Student Loans and Law School

Student loans have created a bubble of overpriced colleges. Tuition costs rose way over the inflation rate, and colleges spent that money:  hiring more administrators. The biggest bubble: law schools. I have filed personal bankruptcy for lawyers making $14 an hour.  As lawyers.  Doing temp work for law firms. Value of Law Degree? First, the… Continue Reading